Workshop – Know Your Style Profile And Choosing Best Patterns For Your Body

Recently I was lucky enough to do another workshop with the talented Anne Whalley. The theme of this workshop was “Know Your Style Profile and Choosing Best Patterns For Your Body” As I’m still trying to figure out if I even have a style this was a great workshop for me to attend. If you were to ask me what my style was my answer would be I don’t have one. I don’t dress up for work or out. I throw on what ever is clean and moderately appropriate.

Anne Whalley

We begun the workshop by filling out a questionnaire given to us by Anne so she could learn about each persons lifestyle, clothing preferences, personality. One by one Anne went through each persons answers and asked additional questions. Afterwards she wrote down 4 statements / words that she thought summed up what each person was aiming for when they make an item of clothing. It sounds odd but it was a like a checklist of things to consider when choosing an item of clothing to make or buy. My 4 were

  1. Comfort
  2. Classic
  3. Creative / Quirky
  4. Natural Fabrics

I would totally agree with all 4 statements. I am super fussy with clothing, if it isn’t comfortable I will not wear it. I like clothing that is breathable so stick to natural fibres where I can. In clothing I want items that I can wear today and in 10 years time, I don’t do fashion trends. My personality is little odd and off centre. I like things that are a little bit different. I like to put my own twist on things. So yes those 4 statements are me. I am also pleased to realise the patterns I recently purchased from Simplicity fall into that classic category. The pieces looked comfortable and they looked like I could wear them for years and years.


For my work wardrobe which is where I’m really missing items as I want to take it from daggy to professional but not overly corporate (I’m sure that is an actual style if not it is mine) Anne wants me to focus on looking at jacket styles. She has given me homework to check out classic styles of jackets at the shops and see if there is any in particular that I like. One thing Anne did stress is that it is wonderful to have a wardrobe of things that you have made but it is ok to buy items if they it is missing from your wardrobe and fits in with your needs. You can thing concentrate on making all the other pieces in your wardrobe.  I think jackets fall into this category for me. I’ve made a couple of zippered vests before so I guess a jacket is just a step up from those.


There was only 4 us of in the workshop so Anne held it at a café. I really liked the intimacy of the small group because it felt like you were chatting over coffee with friends which basically you were.  Each of us brought different fabrics and patterns (or photos of them) with us to get Anne’s thoughts on if they would suit us or not. The 4 of us were very different in personality, lifestyle, sewing needs. It was very interesting to see the needs of each person. Anne also pointed out colours and styles that anyone could wear no matter what they looked like. I was really surprised to learn that a teal coloured jacket that I threw on that day after having in my wardrobe for about 10 years was a colour anyone could wear. I may have to start wearing that jacket more..

I found the workshop very beneficial. I came away from it with lots of ideas and tips, not just what patterns I should look at making but also how I make my clothes. My gift making is my primary reason for sewing and anything I do for charity or myself comes after that. Instead of feeling guilty for spending a heap of time working on my clothes I need to break up my clothing making into chunks, working on bits at a time. Cut the pattern out one day, sew a set of seams another day. I love this idea as it makes it feel all more manageable. I’m already looking at my 2017 plans for gifts and I’m going to take what Anne said on board and organise my sewing / craft time better so that I can fit everything in that I want to and not feel guilty about doing anything.


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