Sew Box October 16

The October Sew Box has been revealed and with the weather heating up this month’s theme is Divine Summer and it is something for the ladies this month.


In the box we got

  • 4m Blue Velvet Ribbon
  • 4m Lace Trim
  • 2m Rainbow Chiffon
  • Summer Blossoms hat pattern by Angel Lea Designs
  • Willow Kimono pattern by Designer Stitch
  • Cases and Clutch pattern by Studio Cherie
  • Sewing Pins
  • Machine Needles for Chiffon
  • Retractable Pocket Tape Measure

The chiffon fabric as the box name suggest is divine. It is reminds me of all the fabric painting I’m currently doing with all the mixture of colours. I’m not sure how I will use it. Maybe I will make an over dress with it. I want to make a kimono but I want to use a fabric with a bit more warmth (I’m paranoid about getting cold) All the patterns we got this month are cute. The clutch pattern looks so stylish. The notions we got this month will come in handy. I’m one who likes to keep a tape measure in every bag I have so it will get used. The pins I’ve already used multiple times. The blue ribbon I just wish to pat as it feels so nice. The lace time is gorgeous, I’m not sure how I will use it yet.

Sadly it was announced today that the November Sew Box will be the last one. Sew Boxes has decided to close down. I have been sad all day by this. Since I discovered Sew Boxes I have enjoyed getting them every month. I’ll be honest I wasn’t sure if I was going to like them but after the first one I knew they were perfect. It was like getting a present every month. I would stalk my email each month to see if the box had arrived at the local post office for me to collect. I have made so much from the patterns and fabric I have gotten from them and I still have upcoming gifts on the cards using Sew Box items or products. I know it was an extremely hard decision for the owner of Sew Box to come to the decision she has but I know it is the best thing for her. I consider how now as a friend and I wish her all the best.

Sew Box are having a sale this weekend. They are clearing previous stock so not to be a vulture but everyone does love a bargain you may find something that you can use.



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