Cover Hem First Attempt – Fail

So I kind brought a Coverstitch machine about a month ago or so. The machine I brought is a Janome 3 in one Overlocker, Cover Hem and Top Hem machine. Even though I already own an overlocker and use it regularly I kind of fell in love with this machine. I’m determine not let it sit in the box so I have played around with it a couple of times. I bit the bullet and tried it on skirt I’m making.


The front looks good and I’m happy with it. Those parallel lines of stitching just look like they are floating in mid air.


The back is a fail. I was sewing this skirt in the round not flat as I had already constructed it. In parts (ok a lot of parts) I missed covering the raw edge. I measured my hem all around and ironed it down before sewing but somehow I must not have lined the folded edge fully on my machine as I went around. I’m not too stressed about it and I don’t want to unpick it as it will leave 2 rows of holes. I have come up with 3 options

  1. Fold the bottom edge over again and slip stitch the hem down. This will mean the parallel stitching lines will be closer the edge but will still be there
  2. See if I can sew cotton twill tape or maybe some binding over the raw edge. I was think of using monopoly clear thread so it wouldn’t be so obvious on the front side
  3. Cut the hem off completing, overlock over the raw edge and try again with the cover hem. If I miss the hem line I can always tack the section in place with a few stitches and at least the raw edges are done. I have enough length in the skirt so I can get away with it.

At this stage I’m leaning more to option 2. I have white twill tape which I can use. I’ll have a think.



2 thoughts on “Cover Hem First Attempt – Fail

  1. Have you missed the edge all the way around or just in places? You could hand stitch it just to the serging stitches. Fiddly but feasible. If the fabric frays a lot you could over stitch the edge of the fabric by hand and then catch stitch it to the serging.

    • Thanks Denise for the advice. I missed the stitching in random places. The fabric is a woven so it will fray. I’ll have to really sit down and have look at how bad it is. I may get away with hand stitching as you mention and fray stop.

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