Twilight Sparkle

Miss 4 is into My Little Pony so for her birthday this year I decided to make her a plush pony. Her name is now Twilight Sparkle and she is very happy with her new owner. Not to break the magic but Miss Twilight originates from Bubbles by Melly and Me. Her sister was made a few years ago.


This was the first time I’ve worked with panne velvet and to be honest it may be the last. It wasn’t the easiest fabric to work with as it kept curling up. When I pre-washed the fabric it rolled itself into a giant ball which was hard to pull apart. As a result of the curling fabric her leg seams are crooked and she doesn’t stand up. Ponies don’t always stand some like to lie down and this one does. I don’t do this very often but I almost ditched her half way through sewing as it was that difficult and I wasn’t happy to how it was looking. Towards the end she came together so she was a keeper. She does have her good points, her ears are the best I’ve ever made. She feels so plush and squishy. I do have some of the fabric left over, if I was to work with it again I would interface it next time and perhaps make an item where I could sew 2 pieces together then cut the shape from the fabric to stop it from shifting around so much.



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