October To Craft List

I have a lot of sewing and crafting over the next couple of months. Luckily in September I was able to finish all the birthday gifts I’m making this year so now I can concentrate on Christmas.  For October I would like to get the following done


  • Car soft toy
  • Girls skirt
  • Miss B’s gift (secret sewing in case she reads this)
  • Finish a batch of washcloths for charity
  • Make 2 slip covers for my foot stool
  • Cut out shark and mermaid tails

The 2 top items need to be done this month so they can be in the post before the Christmas mailing rush. Both items are pretty straight forward. The washcloths only need the final crab stitch edging done on them and the ends weaved in so again very straight forward tasks. The foot stool covers I need to do this month even though they aren’t Christmas sewing, my current covers are thread bare with holes so I do need some. I’ve washed the fabric for these I just need to remeasure my foot stools to cut out piece sizes and stitch them up. Miss B’s gift is fairly straight forward. I’ve never made it before but the pattern looks fairly easy.


I’ve gone through and finalised all the gifts I will actually be making. Upon thinking of what to make one child I remembered an UFP (Unfinished Project) from last year which was a set of baby blocks. I’ve pulled it out and cut some extra squares which I had pinched from it to use in another set of blocks. I’m now working on it to give as gift this Christmas for the same child who missed out last year. The project was about half complete. I’m happy to say now I only have about 3 – 4 blocks to stitch up and I have started stuffing some so the project will get complete.

One thing I have started doing now which I hope to continue to do in the future is getting organised and making project bags up. In a large zip lock bag I can fit all the items I need for a project (pattern, fabrics, notions) It means that when I do get a chance to sew I have all the items I need within the bag and I don’t need to search for them. This idea works for a lot of other people from what I’ve seen and read so I’m going to try the idea out too. I haven’t added thread spools yet to the bags I think if I did that I would run out of threads as often I’m using the same colour on several projects.

I haven’t listed all my Christmas sewing on here so I do have a lot to make but I’m actually feeling fairly organised about it. In my neck of the woods we have long weekend this weekend. I don’t think I’ll be sewing all weekend but I am aiming to get all my patterns cut for Christmas and project bags made up. Hopefully I can get one or 2 things finished.



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