Paw Pouch


I mentioned in Paw Patrol Bag that I cut the red fabric to use in another project well here it is.


A few weeks back I knew I was going to have a long stressful day at work. As craft is my relaxation I decided I needed to do something crafty between different meetings I had so the day before it I quickly cut out this project.  I found the Paw Patrol Paw image online and used that as my shape. I used a double layer of yellow felt (from the August Sew Box) to add texture to the shape. I did basic backstitch to applique the shape in place using yellow thread from a leftover bobbin. It was very quick to cut out and very portable.


The lining is leftover scraps I used on the bag. The only item I brought was the zipper. I had no size in mind for this little pouch so just made it up as I went. Once it was all finished I did discover one small mishap with the zipper. I’m not entirely sure how this happened. I think what I should’ve done is either made the clearly longer than the zipper or made the bag smaller and shortened the zipper to size. Looking back the zipper was almost the same length as the fabric layers and I may have been worried of sewing over the metal stoppers on the zipper, if I had made the pouch larger or smaller this wouldn’t have happened. Oh well lesson learnt for next time.

This was very much a scrap busting project. All the fabrics were leftover scraps, the applique thread was leftovers from a previous project. It is a cute little pouch. This doesn’t have to be Paw Patrol related you could easily make it for any animal lover. Change the colours around to say black and white and you have a little purse for an adult, actually I may of just given away a future gift idea….


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