Measure Twice… Cut Wrong

I was asked to make a couple of draft stoppers for a customer which gave me the excuse to use my favourite double sided draft stopper pattern. I needed to make 2 of the same colour which made the job easy as I could make them both at the same time.


I had the door measurements as the pattern I use is customisable to the door it is for. Both stoppers were the same size so I was able to cut both pieces of fabric out at once by doubling the fabric. I’d cut the width I needed and was cutting the length needed by folding the fabric and trimming it down to half of the finished length so once it was unfolded it would be the correct length. I needed about 15″ so I measured the fabric on the cutting mat…. than cut the wrong side of the fabric. Instead of measuring the 15″s from the fold I measured it from the selvage so I ended up with smaller rectangles and not the correct size I needed. Luckily I had enough fabric leftover so I was able to cut out 2 new stoppers the correct length. Lesson learnt when folding over something to measure half the length measure from the fold and not the edge!


In the end I finished off the draft stoppers without to many hitches. The fabric I used I found in my stash from what my mum had. It looks like a homespun but has more the texture of a linen. It was the colour the customer wanted so it was good to use it up (that means I can buy more fabric doesn’t it) I also found thread in my stash to match it too (again from the stash mum had) I was able to make the 2 entirely from start to finish in a few hours. These are a quick project and are very practical.



4 thoughts on “Measure Twice… Cut Wrong

    • I like shopping from my own fabric shop too šŸ™‚ The place I keep the majority of my fabric is away from my main sewing area so it like visiting a shop. Sometimes I pick out so much fabric I have a shopping basket to carry it all!

    • These are a fantastic draft stopper. What I love best is that you can still operate the door without having to adjust them. No more having to kick out the way door snakes or having to remember to put them back.

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