Sew Box September 16

Yesterday the September Sew Box was released this time there is a whole lot of  “Splish Splash” going on.


In the box this month we got

  • Aqua Whale Splash cotton fabric
  • Aqua Spots cotton fabric
  • Whale brocade ribbon
  • Aqua bias binding
  • Set of Birch Sewing Machine Screw Drivers
  • Insulated foam
  • Cap Joining Tabs
  • Pastel whale button pack
  • White Hook and Loop (Velcro)
  • Street Kred Cap pattern by Apple + Fig
  • Just Keep Swimming pattern by The Wolf and Tree
  • Sock Whale pattern by Pumpkin Bones
  • Orinoco Designs Discount Subscriber voucher

Sadly the swimmers don’t fit me 😉 so I won’t be making them but they are adorable. To be honest I’ve never thought about making a cap before but now I have a pattern and the joining tabs in my stash if I ever want to make one, the pattern goes from kids to adult. Once again the fabrics feel so soft and lush. The Velcro will be squirreled away in my stash for future use. The insulated foam is interesting. I’ve never worked with it before so will look into ways to use it in projects. The whale pattern I’ll keep in my toy pattern stash.

Once again another lovely box. I’ll be honest this time nothing is jumping out at me to say you need to make this straight away, however that is ok as that isn’t going to happen every month. All the little elements of this month will get used at some point. I’m thinking I may read through the patterns I get from the various Sew Boxes that I know I won’t make (I generally don’t sew detailed kids clothing only basic items) but reading through the patterns I may pick up sewing tips and learn techniques that I can use in other sewing projects.



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