Boy and Girl Buckets

I can officially say I have finished 2 items for Christmas. These bucket hats are a for a pair of siblings. The pattern used was Flosstyle Ulitmate Bucket Hat. It is the same pattern I used to make my own bucket hat earlier this year.

The pink and blue hat is a size G. I used the same design of fabric on the exterior and interior but in different colours. I like this toadstool fabric and have used the print before. Before I started this hat I actually thought about my top stitching lines and decided to match the thread colour with the fabric background colour so I used a different colour in my bobbin thread and spool thread. It was easy to remember blue in the bobbin so the blue side had to be faced down when I was working on it, pink was in the top spool thread so the pink side had to be facing me for it to show on top. The tension through my sewing was very good only in one or two tiny stitches can you see any of the other colour but it isn’t obvious unless you go searching.

For the grey hat  I made a size F. I must admit I adore this fabric range. I was a girl who liked trucks as a kid (and I still do) I love the metal tread plate print. I have seen this print in several colours (grey, blue, yellow) and they all look good. I decided on this hat to have one side of the plain metal print and one side with construction print. I only had to use the one colour thread on these which was a grey thread to match the background.

The hats are reversible so the child can wear it any side out they want dependant on what they feel like. This is a really good pattern to invest in as in the one pattern you get all sizes from baby to adult and there are many variations of the pattern (bonnets, skull caps, adjustable brims, different brim widths) You can make this pattern over and over in different styles, sizes, colours. To be honest I did struggle just a little bit with brim to sit flat when I assembled it and I ended up with a tiny pleat here or there. Also when I made the first hat which was they grey one I did have a moment where I placed the brim the wrong side and almost had it so the print didn’t match the walls and crown of the hat. You just need to take a moment to stop and think of what you are doing before sewing to avoid this. When I was making the second hat I remembered which way to place the brim and attached it without too much panic. If you do get this wrong it isn’t the end of the world as it does match in with the rest of the hat, you just call it a contrasting brim. Oh and even though the pattern says no hand sewing required I still do hand sew the 2 gaps closed that you use to turn out the hat. It is a 10min job (if that) but I get a better result from it and I like hand sewing.




2 thoughts on “Boy and Girl Buckets

    • Thank you Mrs Craft. I’m sure you can manage these, they are very simple to make really if you follow the instructions. Even if your kids just had them for the back yard if you weren’t confident enough for them to wear out. I think after a couple of hats you’ll have the bucket hat bug (I hear it is very contagious)

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