Anne Whalley Workshops

Last month through the  Sydney Spoolettes I was lucky enough to attend to workshops run by Anne Whalley. Anne is an imagine consultant and fantastic sewer whom I discovered on Instagram and had been following for some time. She makes some of the most incredible outfits but they wearable every day outfits, not the kind you see on catwalks shows thinking no one actually wears this stuff.

Anne Whalley

On the day Anne did 2 workshops. The first workshop was limited to only about 10-12 people and she did each person colours. Different people are suited to different colours. She sat each person down and placed a series of colour swatches over them. Each swatch had similar colours but the tones were different on each swatch piece lighter, brighter, darker, paler. She would then decide on which group the person belonged in to. She also explained why she chose the colour group for that person. My colour group was Enigmatic. I’m suited to warm tones. I can get away with wearing contrasting colours as I have darker hair and light skin. I like the colours in my colour palate. By chance I actually own some of them already in the shirts I wear to work. I have a variety of colours in my palate (and yes there are blues) I’m going to use my swatch samples when purchasing future fabric. One thing Anne did stress was if a colour isn’t in your colour palate but you like it and it makes you happy wear it. Your not limited to colours in your palate, just use them as a guide.

Colour Palate

The second workshop on the day was about how to dress. I’m a dag I freely admit it. I don’t get dressed up for work as I don’t really have a need to. As long as it is clean and doesn’t look shabby I’ll wear it to work and out to the shops and anywhere else I go. One of the reasons for doing the workshop is that I want to start looking more stylish but I don’t know where to start.  At the workshop I discovered what shape my body is. I’m an X shape. I have a waistline though even though over the last 12 months it may have disappeared a little. I have long legs so if I want to I can wear clothing that shows off the legs more. I’m more fuller on the top half shall we say but I don’t like to draw attention so I don’t do low cut tops. I can wear higher necklines but in a simple colour so it doesn’t emphasis the area. Also camouflaging the area by wearing something takes your eye away from it also would be good. Anne also gave us tips on what to wear to make yourself look taller. Keeping the same colour tones all the way down gives the impression of height.

Workshop Shopping

Anne makes a lot of clothing and on the day had a number of outfits that we had the chance to try on. One particular piece she had was cape which I really liked. It was a very simple cape that was light weight. I’m hoping to get the pattern this month. When she makes a pattern she posts it on to Pattern Review. She makes so many clothes that she sells some of them at her workshops. I didn’t buy any clothing but I did buy some fold over elastic she had and a cape pin as capes will be in my future. If the cape pin looks familiar it is actually a knitting stitch holder.

I learnt so much from both workshops and I’m really glad I went to them. I urge you to do a workshop if you get the chance with Anne. Online she has this fun and bubbly persona and in the flesh she is exactly like that and more. She is wonderful and encouraging. She has an eye for fashion and patterns and colour. She has the nickname of “The Pattern Whisperer” and it is well deserved. Anne is based in Melbourne but if she ever comes to Sydney again I’m hoping to do another workshop with her as the day was a lot of fun.

The workshops were held at Bobbin and Ink. To be honest I’d never heard of this place before but it is this amazing shop / studio / creative space that you can learn to screen print and sew at. They run classes and events. You can rent a sewing machine and use it there if you don’t have one. It was a funky little place to be in and I’m sure I will go to an event there again.



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