Seasons Box Spring 16

Earlier this week the Spring Seasons Box was revealed.

SB Season Spring 16

In the box we got

I really like the dress. You can make it with cotton sateen, prior to the box being released I saw pictures of the dress and anticipated what it was made of but my attempts to buy sateen online from one retailer failed each time. They couldn’t supply the quantity that I wanted. I’m going to a fabric shop in a couple of weeks and will look there. I’m not really a dress person but I do like the style of this.

Prior to reading the Seasons Emag I would’ve said a shrug isn’t for me. A shrug doesn’t look big enough to cover me. I like coverage over my entire back and lower back. One of the Seasons style contributors Brook made a long sleeve version of the shrug and it looks it goes down to her waist which makes me think I can make one to fit down to my lower back. You can also make it without the ruffle. I work in air con all day and am paranoid about getting chills in my shoulders / back but a shrug might be nice for the summer months to give me the coverage.

The tote bag actually reminds me of a bag I had years ago. It was very similar shape. I used it until the straps broke, this prior to my sewing days so I wasn’t able to fix it. I’m very tempted to make this as sometimes I need a larger handbag to what I currently have. I can adjust the length of the strap to make it a cross over the body bag rather than a shoulder bag.

The tools we got this month will come in handy. To be honest I’ve seen tracing wheels in the shops before but have no idea how to use them. I’ll have to consult my many sewing books on how and why to use them. The clips always come in handy as does the bag hardware.

I’m a little sad that my personal sewing is being put on hold until I can finish my 2016 gifts. There are so many things I want to make. I guess that is more incentive to get on with my crafting to I can make myself a shrug or a dress or the pants from the previous Seasons box or … (my personal “to sew” list is very long)


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