September To Craft List

I’m hoping to do more sewing and crafting than I got done in August. I have a few projects I want to get finished.

Sep Crafting

My main aims for this month are

  • Finish boy bucket hat (just needs top stitching)
  • Start on girl bucket hat (cut out and ready to sew)
  • Embroider child’s bag and hopefully make it
  • Make a pony
  • Attend ASG Open Day
  • Finish cloth pads

I’m planning on working the bucket hats this Sunday when I’m at my Sewing Guild meeting. They should be easy enough to finish this month. The embroidery is all drawn up I just have to see what colour threads I need to use. The pony pattern I have from last time I made it. I do need to prep the fabric for it. The cloth pads I will continue working on when I can. At the moment I still need to trim and turn them all before I can top stitch them and add snaps. The ASG open day will be a lot of fun. I will try and not spend too much money. We have the chance to buy discounted patterns and I have a couple on my wish list.

SC Squares

I’ve had to rethink my crafting goals over the next month. I’ve put aside a few things that I was focusing on. The Sunny Log Cabin blanket blocks I’m are on hold (but I will finish them) until I can get a chance to block them. The bag I was aiming to colour and make up before October may not happen. That’s ok it isn’t the end of the world. If I wish to finish all my gifts for the year I need to put aside projects that are for me. The exception might be a skirt when my fabric arrives (it is the post as we speak and the fabric is so me) I need to be realistic as to what I can finish and in what time frame.



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