Paw Pouch


I mentioned in Paw Patrol Bag that I cut the red fabric to use in another project well here it is.


A few weeks back I knew I was going to have a long stressful day at work. As craft is my relaxation I decided I needed to do something crafty between different meetings I had so the day before it I quickly cut out this project.  I found the Paw Patrol Paw image online and used that as my shape. I used a double layer of yellow felt (from the August Sew Box) to add texture to the shape. I did basic backstitch to applique the shape in place using yellow thread from a leftover bobbin. It was very quick to cut out and very portable.


The lining is leftover scraps I used on the bag. The only item I brought was the zipper. I had no size in mind for this little pouch so just made it up as I went. Once it was all finished I did discover one small mishap with the zipper. I’m not entirely sure how this happened. I think what I should’ve done is either made the clearly longer than the zipper or made the bag smaller and shortened the zipper to size. Looking back the zipper was almost the same length as the fabric layers and I may have been worried of sewing over the metal stoppers on the zipper, if I had made the pouch larger or smaller this wouldn’t have happened. Oh well lesson learnt for next time.

This was very much a scrap busting project. All the fabrics were leftover scraps, the applique thread was leftovers from a previous project. It is a cute little pouch. This doesn’t have to be Paw Patrol related you could easily make it for any animal lover. Change the colours around to say black and white and you have a little purse for an adult, actually I may of just given away a future gift idea….



NSW ASG Simplicity Industry Day 16

Simplicity Factory
Yesterday was the NSW Australian Sewing Guild Industry Day at Simplicity Patterns. This was my second industry day at Simplicity and just like last year I had lots of fun.


An Industry Day is an event where members come together to hear talks from fellow members within the guild and different people within the sewing industry. A chance to share ideas and learn some new things. Simplicity Patterns kindly host the event for us and also give us the opportunity to do some shopping (they do some great specials for us) This year among the people who gave talks were Juliette from Gutermann who gave us a talk about needle and thread. I will never look at the humble little sewing needle the same way. I had never put much thought into the needle but her talk was interesting. Another person who spoke was Claudia from Eco Fabrics who spoke to us about natural fibres in particular bamboo. There was also the annual fashion parade were members took part in showing off items they have made, I would like to take part in this next year.


I did mention shopping… This year we were able to pre-order our patterns. Now that I am starting to make more clothing for myself I went through and made a wishlist. At $5 per pattern it was too good to pass up. I opted for more classic style patterns so that I make something I can wear it for years. A couple of patterns are for future toys. I also remembered I needed to make a Christmas gift for a 1yr old and managed to pick up a pattern.


I purchased the fabric book as I need to learn more about different fabrics. I understand quilting cotton but I have no clue about other fabrics. I want to start sewing with more fabrics but I don’t know anything about them.

Once again we were able to buy rolls of trims for $5 per roll. This year I looked for things I knew I would use regularly like webbing which is good for bag handles. I did pick a couple of cotton lace trims as it is hard to find cotton lace. I found some black velvet trim too which I thought might come in handy to jazz up skirts or even make some kids hair bows. The chevron trim I must admit I got due to the colours. I love all those colours.


My favourite trim is the red pom pom. As soon as I saw it I immediately thought mouths for soft toys. I can’t wait to use it. Also it makes great eyebrows.

Another great special I found was rolls of tape. I got all these for the grand sum of 5 for $2. I couldn’t believe it. I found a heap of twill tape in different colours. I will use it to stabilize the shoulder seams in some knit tops I wish to make.


The white fabric came from the Eco Fabrics shop that was set up. It is a bamboo cotton fleece mix. It feels so soft. I’m not a white person as I have darker skin but this white isn’t transparent so I’m thinking I may get a top out of it. The blue piece of fabric I brought due the colour. It was from a table set up where members could sell fabric from their stash.There is over 2m of it. I wasn’t sure what I would do with it but another member suggested a skirt so that convinced me I needed to get it. Maybe a maxi skirt.. I’m not sure yet. I was good I did see another piece the same colour but in a different fabric, I had the idea to make a cape out of it but when I opened the piece up I saw there wouldn’t be enough to make the cape so I left that piece behind. Yes I can say no to blue things  🙂 I had my practical head on yesterday and was only trying to get items I would use.

Once again I had a great day. The members of the sewing guild and the amazing people at Simplicity do a great job running the event. Now to get sewing so I can show off my pieces next year.


Balloon Ball


I wish I had discovered balloon balls years ago. The best way to describe a balloon ball is almost like a pillow case for a balloon. You place a flat balloon inside the opening then inflate it before tying the balloon up as normal. The child is able to play with the balloon but if the balloon happens to break the child won’t get hurt by the balloon bursting in their face or choke on the little slivers of rubber. The fabric also helps protect the balloon from bursting on sharp edges of things.


This pattern is from Babies First Toys by Flosstyle. This pattern has an opening gap of around 1″ for you to place the balloon in. I have seen other patterns where the gap is actually overlapped so you have to pull back the folds to access the balloon or ones that have the gap the size of a button hole. Even though the gap is 1″ I think it is still very safe for the child and they wouldn’t choke, they would really have to shake the flat around the get the pieces of busted balloon out. If I was to make this pattern again I would make the circle piece larger (if you purchase the pattern you will understand the piece I’m talking about) The reason I would make it larger is that you need to turn and top stitch it and I think the larger piece would be easier. Your centre gap would still be the same. I also top stitched the circle around twice not once after turning it. If you make this I suggest cutting out all the pieces with pinking shears from the start. Towards the end of the pattern you are told to cut the pieces with the shears but if you did it from the start it would eliminate the need to at the end.


The fabric is used is some bubble fabric I found in my stash. I forgot how cute this print is, for a floating balloon it is perfect. This was a really quick pattern to make so perfect for last minute gift ideas. You could easily use scrap fabrics to make this however the pieces do need to be cut on the bias so you’ll need pieces large enough for that. Also if you were to give it as a gift you will need to explain exactly what it is. When there is no balloon inflated in it, it does look peculiar.


Paw Patrol Bag

I know a little Miss soon to be 3 who loves Paw Patrol so I decided to make her a bag inspired by the show.


Ok so bear in mind I have never actually seen the cartoon I wasn’t entirely sure what to make for it so I thought the easiest thing was a bag with the logo on the front. I found this image as a free colouring in page. I traced it on to the fabric with my new light box (first major project using it) then embroidered around the traced shape. For my embroidery I do simple back stitch. It is quick and effective. I think I got all the embroidery done whilst catching up on taped shows one day.


Unfortunately the back of the bag isn’t the same colour red as the front. I originally had enough to match the front and back but made a spur of the moment decision cut the fabric in half and use it on another gift. I had more red fabric in my stash so used that. It isn’t noticeable that handle strap and back of the bag is different to the front. Once again the sewing police aren’t going to come after me.


The bag is lined with a couple of scraps of fabric I had pulled from stash. I was originally going to use these on another gift but they were on available on hand so I grabbed them and cut them for this project.

This type of bag is a really simple project to make for adult or child. You can embroider on to it any theme that the person is in to. There are so many great embroidery books and websites selling wonderful designs but I often find the easiest thing to do is google free colouring in pages for what ever theme you’re looking for. If the image isn’t the size you want print it off than play around with the sizing on your photocopier. Depending on the size area I have sometimes I enlarge images other times I decrease.


Kitchen Wipes

I have been making another batch of kitchen wipes for myself for a very long time. The ones I currently had were cut up old tea towels with raw edges so each time they were washed they frayed like made and became tangled with each other.


Recently going through my stash I came across some offcuts from when I made various burbcloths as gifts. I cut the towelling down into squares the various sizes that I needed (not pictured are 2 larger ones to cover animal food bowls) I then overlocked (serged) around the edges. I didn’t bother neating up the edges just cutting the tails. I only needed to do the raw edges as some were already bound as part of the towels construction. A very quick and simple project. I keep these in basket on my kitchen counter to grab whenever I have quick spills such a drops of milk on the counter, food splashes on the stove or floor. I have a used container which I place soiled ones in then just wash them with my tea towels. Using cloths like these have reduced the amount of paper towels I go through. You don’t need to use new towelling or tea towels you can recycle old ones for the project. If you want more the size of traditional paper towels just cut your squares larger.

You wouldn’t think you would learn anything from just overlocking squares but I did use this as learning project. After going through too thick of a project earlier this year and killing my overlocker I was very cautious overlocking over the bound edges. On this project I learnt how to control the speed of my overlocker with the foot pressure. You can overlocker very slow with just light pressure. When you are trying to get a thickish item under the presser foot which towels are you can guide it in. This was a useful project in more ways than one.



Measure Twice… Cut Wrong

I was asked to make a couple of draft stoppers for a customer which gave me the excuse to use my favourite double sided draft stopper pattern. I needed to make 2 of the same colour which made the job easy as I could make them both at the same time.


I had the door measurements as the pattern I use is customisable to the door it is for. Both stoppers were the same size so I was able to cut both pieces of fabric out at once by doubling the fabric. I’d cut the width I needed and was cutting the length needed by folding the fabric and trimming it down to half of the finished length so once it was unfolded it would be the correct length. I needed about 15″ so I measured the fabric on the cutting mat…. than cut the wrong side of the fabric. Instead of measuring the 15″s from the fold I measured it from the selvage so I ended up with smaller rectangles and not the correct size I needed. Luckily I had enough fabric leftover so I was able to cut out 2 new stoppers the correct length. Lesson learnt when folding over something to measure half the length measure from the fold and not the edge!


In the end I finished off the draft stoppers without to many hitches. The fabric I used I found in my stash from what my mum had. It looks like a homespun but has more the texture of a linen. It was the colour the customer wanted so it was good to use it up (that means I can buy more fabric doesn’t it) I also found thread in my stash to match it too (again from the stash mum had) I was able to make the 2 entirely from start to finish in a few hours. These are a quick project and are very practical.


Sew Box September 16

Yesterday the September Sew Box was released this time there is a whole lot of  “Splish Splash” going on.


In the box this month we got

  • Aqua Whale Splash cotton fabric
  • Aqua Spots cotton fabric
  • Whale brocade ribbon
  • Aqua bias binding
  • Set of Birch Sewing Machine Screw Drivers
  • Insulated foam
  • Cap Joining Tabs
  • Pastel whale button pack
  • White Hook and Loop (Velcro)
  • Street Kred Cap pattern by Apple + Fig
  • Just Keep Swimming pattern by The Wolf and Tree
  • Sock Whale pattern by Pumpkin Bones
  • Orinoco Designs Discount Subscriber voucher

Sadly the swimmers don’t fit me 😉 so I won’t be making them but they are adorable. To be honest I’ve never thought about making a cap before but now I have a pattern and the joining tabs in my stash if I ever want to make one, the pattern goes from kids to adult. Once again the fabrics feel so soft and lush. The Velcro will be squirreled away in my stash for future use. The insulated foam is interesting. I’ve never worked with it before so will look into ways to use it in projects. The whale pattern I’ll keep in my toy pattern stash.

Once again another lovely box. I’ll be honest this time nothing is jumping out at me to say you need to make this straight away, however that is ok as that isn’t going to happen every month. All the little elements of this month will get used at some point. I’m thinking I may read through the patterns I get from the various Sew Boxes that I know I won’t make (I generally don’t sew detailed kids clothing only basic items) but reading through the patterns I may pick up sewing tips and learn techniques that I can use in other sewing projects.