Craft Rut

I feel like I’m in a bit of a craft rut at the moment. Recently I got sick with a respiratory infection (very unlike me to get sick) Because I was sick I was out of craft action for what felt like ages (couple of weeks) I couldn’t touch anything as I didn’t want to spread my germs onto gifts plus my hands were cover in hand sanitizer all the time.

Cloth Pads In Progress

In the past week I’ve started to craft again. I got the hand stitching on a kids hat down but still need to top stitch it so it feels like an unfinished project. This past weekend I made a start on my cloth pads. I did the lot (20) from scratch including tracing out the pattern. After 2 solid days of sewing I still haven’t finished them so again another project not finished.

Eye Pillows Charity Stack

The only thing I have manage to finish is a batch of eye pillows which I promised a friend I would make for her kids school fete. I had a September deadline for them but luckily have managed to get them done.

With all my unfinished projects I just feel like I’m getting no where. I guess I like quick projects which you can easily finish and feel like you have accomplished something. I keep thinking of all the items I want to make, my to sew list grows but finished items don’t. I’ll snap out of this craft rut as soon as I feel like I have control of my crafting again.



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