Custom Made Heat Packs

I don’t really make items to sell. I would love to start a little business sewing various things but I just don’t have the time to make a lot of stock ready to sell. Occasionally I do make heat packs on request and recently I was asked to make 2. I fill mine with rice not wheat (I can get access to rice easier than wheat) I like to make a bag and cover that way for the pack that way you can wash the outer cover if needed and it gives your skin a bit more protection as the packs can be hot when taken from the microwave.

Heat Pack Channels

The first was just a basic standard heat pack. The customer gave me the finished size she wanted and colour preference and I went from there. On the calico bag I stitched in channels so the rice didn’t fall to one side.

Heat Pack Blue Finished

This has to be one of my favourite heat packs I’ve ever made just due to the colour. I found this fabric in my stash and thought it would fit in with the colour she asked for.

The second heat pack was a little bit more complicated. The customer asked if I could make one she could wrap around her wrist. My immediate first thought was to stitch in channels to act like fold lines and to secure it in place with velcro. I searched Pinterest but couldn’t find a pattern so I create my own.

Wrist Heat Wrap Bag

The calico bag was made the exact same way as I did the first one. I measured the finished bag after I stitched around the outside of it. I wanted it to easily fold around the wrist so the channels had to be placed evenly so it would be comfortable and would work. It was actually the channels on this one which gave me the idea to do the channels on the other one too.

Wrist Heat Wrap Cover Construction

The cover is constructed like a regular cover however before I could stitch the sides together I had to attach the velcro. I folded the fabric into the finished cover shape and ironed the 2 end folds. The crease lines gave me the area to mark up where the velcro would be attached. I had to remember to put the sew the hook side down so when it wrapped around it would be the correct way to stick on the loop side of the velcro.

Wrist Heat Wrap Cover

I was worried that the velcro strap may not be long enough (plan b was to sew an extension on it) but I’m happy to say it fits her well.

I like this idea of a wrapable heat pack. You could make them for knees, ankles, wrists. All you need to do is figure out what size you need for that area and the rest is pretty basic.


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