August To Craft List

As it the last day of July I’d better start looking at my August crafting plans. The goods news is that in July I did get a few things ticked off my list that I had planned. I surged all the edges on the fabrics for Christmas. The tea set was finished in time and posted off. Last weekend I finished the dog softie and just this morning I finished the heat packs. Yesterday I even managed to block the Pamuke blanket so that is now finished too and awaiting to be wrapped up.

Aug Crafting

For August I really need to concentrate on the following

  • Cut out and colour fabrics for my bag (yes I know I’ve been saying that for months)
  • Decide which cloth pad patterns I wish to use and print out the templates
  • Make said cloth pads
  • Block sunny cabin blocks (still not done)
  • Finish off a batch of WIRES pouches I’ve started
  • Decide on the remaining toys for birthday gifts for this year
  • Attend a couple of fashion workshops

I went to cut out my bag pattern only to discover only one piece of the pattern wasn’t a rectangle or square so I traced out that one piece onto trace and toile. I’m gong to measure up the fabric and directly cut them via the measurements for all the other pieces with my rotary cutter . It is easier and less time than pinning straight rectangle pattern pieces onto fabric only to have to cut around them with scissors. I’ve raided my stash and decided on the fabrics I’ll be using for my pads. The hexie fabric I’m going to use for liners. There are so many pad patterns to choose from but I’m going to have to just bite the bullet and try one or two and see.

As it is coming into spring very soon this month I want to send off a batch of WIRES pouches for the baby animals which sadly will become orphaned and will need to be cared for.

I’m super excited as in August I’m doing a couple of events with Sydney Spoolettes. It was a great day out when I attended the Miss Fisher exhibit with them. This month we are having a bit of fabric shopping day and a workshop day with the amazing Anne Whalley. Both days should be fun.

In July and previous months I’ve found myself wanting to craft but having not having anything ready so I’ve been floundering around or worse not doing any craft at all. In my diary I’m going to list down specific tasks in small steps so if I have a few minutes I can look at my list and see oh just do xyz and it’s one job done





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