Luggage Handle Wrap

Luggage Handle Wrap

In the July Sew Box we got a great tutorial on how to make a luggage handle wrap. A friend is travelling soon so I had someone to make it for.

Luggage Handle Wrap Inside

This was a very quick item to make. For the vinyl insert mine is a little smaller in width than the tutorial says. The tutorial says to have it the entire width of the fabric piece. Even though we received vinyl in our box this month I already had a small piece I’d received in another sewing kit / project so I used that piece instead of cutting up the larger piece of vinyl. This enables me to use the larger piece in other projects. The results still end up the same giving you a hidden place to put your contact details. I had no trouble sewing with the vinyl and I will happily try sewing with it again.

Luggage Handle Wrap Velcro Stitching

One thing I did learn with this is to think about your sewing lines before you start sewing. For the Velcro you reinforce it down the centre with a line of stitching after you sew the sides. It was only once I started sewing I realised instead of starting on a long edge I should’ve started sewing it in the middle of a short edge so when it came to do the centre stitches all I had to do was turn my piece and sew. I instead stitched around again until I came to a short edge forgetting that my stitches were visible on the other side and of course the first piece of Velcro I stitched on was the one visible from the outside of the wrap. Lesson learnt. On the second piece I started on the short side and had no issues with messy stitches.


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