Fabric Yarn Update

Fabric Yarn

Back in October 2013 (yes that long ago) I made myself up some fabric yarn. I had no idea what I was going to do with it but I made it. Well I never came up with any idea what to do with it. Today I was doing a bit of clean up and decided I would try and crochet it up into a cleaning cloth or something. Sadly as I tried to work with it I didn’t have any success. The maroon item I cut up had some many seams in it that it was too bulky. I could do a basic chain but little else. The fabrics weren’t a soft stretchy fabric and sadly over the last couple of years the fabric has become very brittle so the strips were tearing easily. I couldn’t salvage them so I made the decision to bin them. These fabrics were very old to begin with before I even cut them up. The navy ball had been a shirt I’d worn rigorously for 10 years, the maroon fabric was skirt that was at least 10 years as well. The idea of fabric yarn works but I think you think need softer fabrics to begin with. I will try the idea out again but I won’t leave it so long between cutting the yarn and making it up. I actually have ideas now for them that I didn’t 3 years ago.



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