Overlocker To Work

Now that my overlocker is back from its time in hospital (Sewing Machine Warehouse) I was able to use it again. Ok so she came back 3 weeks ago I just hadn’t had time to sit down with her.

Serged Fabric Prep

Instead of easing her back into things I went full blast putting through a stack of fabrics I’ll be using in Christmas gifts this year. I rounded up all the fabric that I could think I would need and overlocked the cut edges. I did cheat and actually folded the fabric so I had 2 edges together. In theory I’m going to trim the fabric edges down anyway before I start my cutting so I know I’m working from straight (or my version of straight which sometimes can be a bit skewif) sides. I’m hoping by overlocking it together it doesn’t misshapen the fabric when I shrink it. I always buy extra fabric than I need so I’m sure it won’t end up in a disaster and I’ll still be able to make great gifts. Job done and a task off my July list done. Now as I get a chance I can soak my fabric and wash it ready to start on the gifts



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