Blue Chunky Scarf

Blue Chunky Scarf Folded

Recently I’ve had a few trips away and have spent time sitting around hotel rooms. At home if I wake up early I head to my craft area but in hotel it meant I had to take to take stuff with me to keep my hands occupied. I decided to take some basic crochet with me.

Blue Chunky Scarf

This scarf is made using 5 balls of Stylecraft Harlequin Chunky. I didn’t follow a pattern I just made a chain until it looked long enough then did trebles using a 6mm hook. The final row is slip stitch. The final measurements are around 80″ x 9.5″ I’ve never worked with a thick yarn before and or used such a big hook but it was very easy. I love the final result, you can really see the colour change in areas. The crochet police may come after me as I haven’t bothered to block it.



2 thoughts on “Blue Chunky Scarf

    • Thank you 🙂 After using the harlequin yarn I can highly recommend it. After I finished this one I decided it would be a man’s scarf (man is very happy with it, nice and warm he says)

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