More Draft Stoppers

It is true if you really like a pattern you make it over and over. After the success of the draft stopper I made for the bathroom I made the one for my front door.

Butterfly Linen

In the November Sew Box I got a lovely piece of butterfly printed linen. I had no idea what I was going to do with it. When I was going through my stash a few weeks ago I came across it again and discovered it was perfect for the draft stoppers. The pattern calls for décor fabric as it is a bit thicker and robust. Linen was perfect for it as it is bit thicker than regular cotton. The size of the piece we were given was 50cm which was almost the exact size for the pattern I needed to create to fit my door. I only had to trim off a couple of inches from the width.

Draft Stopper Front Door

The side that faces out into the hallway has the blue butterfly print on it so when I come home each day the first things is those beautiful blue butterflies.

Draft Stopper Ensuite

After I made it for my front door I discovered one more door that could use one… the door to my ensuite as the draft under it hits me right when I’m getting dressed. My ensuite doesn’t really get used as a wet area by the fact only the basin and toilet get used therefore I could get away with using non waterproof fabric. In the November box we got a 2nd piece of linen again 50cm. Perfect solution.

Once again both these took very little time to make from start to finish, I’m talking less than 2hrs. I love these. I no longer have to kick away the door snake at my front door any more or remember to put it back when I get home. They are simple but they work. They stay on the doors, you don’t trip over them. The pattern is from Handmade Magazine Vol. 34 No.11 You make them to fit your actual door so you can do them for any door. I discovered my front door is 2″ wider than the internal doors.



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