July To Craft List

Cup UFOs

Ok so I’m having trouble believing we are half way through this year already. I got a lot of things finished last month but sadly not everything that was on my original list. I’ve almost finished my tea set (which needs to be posted very soon!) I also need to finish off the poor sad puppy so my July crafting list is:

  • Finish tea set (just need to make the handles on the cups)
  • Finish puppy dog softies
  • Make 2 heat bags (paid project so needs to be completed!)
  • Block sunny log cabin blocks
  • Finish Pamuke blanket (or be near finish)
  • Trace out my bag and then colour fabric
  • Prep fabric for Christmas gifts

The tea set I should be able to finish early next week. The dog also needs to be finished sooner rather than later. I have until the end of the month to make the heat packs but I’m playing around with the style of one so need to start on it early in case it takes longer than expected. I have until the end of August to finish the Pamuke blanket. I’m almost up to the border on it and have heap of ends to sew in. My bag I have until September to do so this month I really want to trace out the pattern and cut my fabric so I can decide on the ways I want to colour each piece with liquid radiance. I have my overlocker back now so I can run through the fabrics I’ll use for Christmas and start to make a start on them.

Such a lot to do. I’m sure I will get side tracked in the process.






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