When I first saw the beret in the June Sew Box I instantly thought I need to make that.


The pattern is by You Sew Girl. The pattern comes in 3 different sizes based on your head measurement and 3 different band widths options allowing you to select from a shallow looking beret up to more of a slouchy looking beret I went with the middle option. It looks complicated but is actually very simple when you follow the instructions. I struggle with curves yet had no trouble with this. For the outer fabric I have used some light weight corduroy from my stash.

Beret Lining

It is fully lined you need a slippery fabric that drapes. In the February Sew Box we got a piece of rayon so I decided to use that. I’ve never worked with rayon before so I thought this might be a good chance to try it plus I thought it might be a nice fabric that wouldn’t be too hot inside a hat. It wasn’t too tricky to work with and I really like it in the lining. The colours of it match the caramel tones of the corduroy too. I’ve now got a funky little hat I can wear this winter that only took a few hours to make.




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