Quillow Transformation

Quillow Folded

I really wasn’t happy with my quillow. It was a lovely little item but it just wasn’t going to suit the purpose I had made it for and to be honest I knew I wouldn’t use it even though there was nothing wrong with it. As I went to sleep the night I made it I came up with a plan…

Folded Quilt

The 2 elements of the quillow the pocket and the body of the quilt were too good to waste so I unpicked the pocket from the main quilt body which then gave me a perfectly useful light weight quilt. There was some puncture marks on it where the pocket had been but it didn’t matter. The quilt is a great size to throw over you on the lounge or to wrap around your shoulders if your on the computer. You could even fold it and use it to kneel on the ground with.

Chair Pad

On the pocket section of the quillow I really liked the shoulder strap as it was stitched nicely to the pocket. The main pocket was made by sewing a rectangle with a piece of wadding on it in half to form a square then sewing around 3 sides. I undid all the side seams and ironed it flat. I placed the original wadding back on top plus an additional second layer and folded it back over this time giving me 4 layers of wadding in the centre. I stitched around all 3 seams. This time I left my seam edges raw and used a piece of leftover fabric to bind around the edge. I even matched up the colour change in binding strip with the colour change on the pieced pocket.

I’m loving my new seat pillow or chair pad. This is really what I was wanting to make in the first place. It is perfect to add softness to hard seating. It is a good size to fit on any chair. The layers of wadding give the softness and evenness so there are no lumpy bits. With the shoulder strap it leaves me hands free for important things like carrying my shopping if I go to Industry Sewing Days….


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