Navy Vest

Navy Vest

I’ve made another Fat Red Bird Hooded Vest.

Navy Vest Lengthen

On this version I needed to lengthen the pattern as my zipper was longer than I used on the black one. When I was purchasing the zippers I couldn’t get them both in the same size in the colours I wanted. Luckily on the PDF pattern there are markings on the area to shorten or lengthen the pattern as required. I decided to add 6″ to each of the pattern pieces so I marked up some scrap paper with the extension amount, cut the pattern on the marked cutting lines inserted my new pattern piece extension in taping either side of the printed pattern to it. I traced out my pattern pieces onto trace and toile as normal using a ruler to continue the markings over the extended piece.

Navy Vest Scraps

I think I have been watching too much Great British Sewing Bee after cutting my fabric out I had a scrap of denim that was screaming out to be a pocket. I do prefer clothing to have pockets but I’d never made one for a garment before. To get the size I needed I placed my mobile on the denim as that is the item I mostly want to carry in it. I ruled a rectangle around the phone the cut it adding about 1/2″ seam allowance. After stitching it together, turning it right sides out and hand sewing the turning gap closed I did 2 lines of top stitching on one of the long edges.

Navy Vest Pocket

I took the vest front that I wanted the pocket on and positioned it so it would be away from the centre zip, side seam and bottom hem. To attach it I did 2 rows of stitching along 3 sides of it. I then assembled my vest as per pattern instructions. When it came to inserting the zipper on this vest I took the black vest I made and studied it to see which side to place the zipper pieces. With my pocket attached now I couldn’t reverse this one around if I made a mistake.

I have been wearing this vest at work and I love it. I’m preferring the longer length as it covers my lower back. The pocket is my favourite I’ve been using to hold my keys, my phone, my pen. I want to add a pocket to all my clothing now just so I can carry stuff. I’m proud of this vest as it was the first time I’ve ever modified a pattern to suit me. It was a great basic pattern to start doing things like this on. This vest did take longer to make then the black one but that’s only because of the modifications I made.



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