Sew Box June 16

I got happy mail when the June Sew Box arrived, the theme this month is Winter Plume

SB Jun 16

In the box we got

  • 2m Combed Cotton Jersey
  • 50cm Peacock Stretch fabric
  • 2m Peacock ribbons
  • 4 Sew In Metal Purse frames
  • Birch Point Turner
  • Birch Fray Away Stop
  • Metal Peacock and Feather Sew In Charms
  • Fall In Love Cardigan patern by Sew To Grow
  • Beret pattern by You Sew Girl
  • Winter Poncho pattern by Tigerlily
  • Metal Framed purse pattern by Sew Boxes

I would hate to pick a favourite Sew Box but this would be up there as one of my favourites. I love the navy jersey fabric, it feels so soft. The peacock fabric I actually really like as its a dark colour and not the traditional green and teal colours you see peacock designs. The ribbon is gorgeous I love the tiny blue hearts in the centre of the feathers. I used the Fray Stop moments after opening the box as by chance just before I opened my parcel I noticed a tiny nip in the fabric on my vest where I must have clipped the curve so this box was perfect timing.

The patterns are emailed out about 1 week or so after the boxes are sent. The purse frames intrigued me as I had no idea as to how you would fit them to the purse but after reading the pattern yesterday when I was emailed them I read how to do it and thought oh so that’s how. That’s one of the great things about Sew Boxes it introduces you to different products, you learn how to use new items and gain skills. I really like the beret, reading through the pattern it looks pretty good so I may give it a shot.



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