June To Craft List

I’m deciding to call my lists “To Craft” lists each month as I am doing more than just sewing.


I got 2 things actually done off my May list and that was the Soccer Ball and the mug rug (which I will show once my swap partner receives it). The child’s cape I wasn’t able to do as planned so I scrapped that from the list. I haven’t coloured the fabric yet for the tea set or the bag I wish to make. I wanted to get things a little more tidy around the place before I started the project. The puppy dog I have half completed so good progress has been made. I did do a couple of adhoc projects that I suddenly needed to make straight away after I made my original list. My lists aren’t set in stone and are adaptable.

Looking at June I will focus on the following

  • Finish Puppy Dog
  • Colour fabrics for bag and tea set
  • Attend Sydney Craft and Quilt fair
  • Seat Pillow
  • Navy Vest
  • Start on Christmas items
  • Finish hot water bottle cover
  • Sew in blanket ends
  • Progress on Pamuke blanket
  • Continue cleaning up my craft spaces

I can happily say that I have started to make good progress on my craft spaces. I can almost find 2 chairs in my lounge room now that had been covered with fabric and random magazines. I’m finding new homes (outside mine) for a few different bits and pieces.

Broken Overlocker

I started to make a hot water bottle cover using faux fur. I tried to do all my seams on the overlocker as I discovered working with faux fur is very messy. It turns out you can’t do multiple layers of fur on the overlocker at once. I killed my machine…. From what I can see the needle is bent and I can’t lower or raise the presser foot so I may have stuffed that up too. It is have emergency repairs done at the Sewing Machine Warehouse this week. Ironically I had just purchased a little vacuum machine to clean the insides of her out and was planning on doing that after I had finished the cover. She was due for a service anyway along with my small travel machine so they will both get a good clean and tune up.

Future Project

One item I would like to make sooner rather than later is the above lap pillow. It is like a utility table for your lap with pockets and cushioning and storage. I do a lot of projects on the lounge in front of the tv most times I have a little container next to me to hold my supplies but that gets bumped or I don’t fully put things back in it each time and they fall off me or the lounge. This pillow is perfect as things are all in one spot and I can enforce myself to use it.





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