Double Sided Draft Stopper

Do you ever see a project and immediately think you need to make it. It was make at first sight when I saw this pattern. The pattern is “Double Sided Draft Stopper” by Kerri Williams of Rosalee’s Room  published in Handmade magazine Vol. 34 No. 11

Draft Stopper

Currently I have a draft stopper behind my front door which gets caught under the door each time you open it and my first thought up I’ll replace that one with this fantastic double sided draft stopper that as you open the door it moves with the door. I then discovered a more pressing area that needed a draft stopper… my bathroom. A draft comes right under the door and is very noticeable coming into Winter. Bathrooms are wet areas so I decided to get some Ripstop from Sew Boxes and make the draft stopper from that. Ripstop is a bonded PVC that is waterproof, perfect for bathrooms.

Draft Stopper Back

I have never worked with any type of fabric like this before and this was the perfect project to try it out on as the pattern is very easy to follow and make. The Ripstop was a little slippery but not uncontrollable. Right sides together didn’t stick to each other like I thought they would. I used wonderclips instead of pins to hold the pieces in place. I couldn’t imagine pinning it as you would bend all your pins plus loose the waterproofness if you weren’t in your seam allowance. Sew Boxes is having a fabric sale at the moment ending on Monday night. I have purchased more Ripstop to make Christmas gifts after discovering how it easy it is to use.

Draft Stopper Front

This took me maybe 2 hours max from start to finished item under the door. That’s a very quick project. It is a brilliant idea. To be honest draft stoppers can be trip hazards but because this attached to the door it isn’t in the way. This project would be a fantastic gift for the elderly or disabled or for anyone who can’t bend down to place the draft stopper into position.



5 thoughts on “Double Sided Draft Stopper

  1. This looks fantastic Cassiy! And you make such a good point about regular draft stoppers being a trip hazard!
    And what a great idea using the Ripstop for your wet areas. Thanks so much for giving it a go so others may benefit too! 😘

  2. Great idea about using the ripstop! We moved into a house with no heat recently and I scrambled to weatherproof. We needed draft stoppers, too, but most tutorials called for filling them with rice. We have mice all around here so I rolled up old wool blanket pieces to fill each side. At the front door, we added a better metal guard strip outside but inside I stuffed a roll of the blanket in PVC pipe and then slipped that into the draft stopper tube to make a more solid barrier. Fingers crossed!

    • Thanks. Fingers crossed your solution works as it sounds like a great idea. If mice is a problem and you wish doors stops or heavy draft stoppers fish tank gravel is another option. You can often buy it in larger bags from aquarium supplies or pet shops pretty cheaply.

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