Black and Red Soccer Ball

I made this toy for a new born little girl.

Pentagon Ball WSW

Ok so it isn’t in the traditional colours that you make things for a little girl, however when her parents have a favourite soccer team you make it in the team colours as the odds are the child is going to grow up supporting that team too. Their team is Western Sydney Wanderers I used left over fabric scraps from when I made the Western Sydney Wanderers player earlier this year. The toy is an English paper pieced pentagon ball just as I have made them before. They are really simple to make and are a great way of using scraps. You could use any colour scraps you had to make this as they don’t really need to form a pattern unless you want it to. This ball is a good toy to make for a child of any age not just babies, it soft so it can be tossed around inside and not do too much damage. It can be made any size it just depends on what size you cut your paper templates.


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