Black Vest

I have made myself clothing and it isn’t a skirt! This winter I think I want to wear vests at work. I like having my back and torso covered but I also like having my arms to have less bulk and coverage on them so vests are a good option. In the latest issue of One Thimble there is a vest pattern so perfect timing. The pattern is Woman’s Hoodie Vest by Fat Red Bird. I decided not to include the hood as I wanted a more dressy look to wear in an office environment. The pattern tutorial also has it with snap or button closures but I decided I wanted a zipper by chance Fat Red Bird have an excellent tutorial showing how to install a zipper into a lined vest, there is a link in the pattern to the tutorial. Using the basic pattern and the tutorial I was able to make my vest the way I wanted it.

Black Vest

The outside of vest is polar fleece and the lining is denim. Confession my original intention was to have the denim on the outside and the fleece on the inside, however, when installing my zipper I accidentally stitching it the wrong way getting my right and left sides confused. The upside was I had stitched the zipper in really well so instead of wasting that good effort I reversed the fabric choices around. The pieces are exactly the same. By using a double sided zipper you could make this completely reversible.

Black Vest Neckline

I am really proud of this vest. It looks simple but it is the most complicated piece of clothing I have ever made thus far. Prior to this I had never installed a jacket zipper. I don’t have a zipper phobia so I was happy to jump in and try it. The tutorial was really good and I honestly couldn’t find another tutorial on Pinterest that showed you how to install a jacket zipper into a lined vest/jacket. The tutorial didn’t mention it but I did hand baste my zipper first before sandwiching it within the outer and lining fabrics. Laying the garment flat on my table I did my hand stitches up one half of the zipper then made sure on the opposite side the zipper and fabric was aligned did the hand stitches. It took maybe an extra 5 mins or so but I think it made the world of difference. When I was sewing my zipper sandwich together it wasn’t moving and I could get clean lines without having to redo my seam or unpicking. Ok so it ended up being the wrong side but that was cause I wasn’t sure what they were calling the right and left side of the zipper. My zipper works, my ends all line up, I have a very comfortable vest which I have been wearing this week that’s all that matters




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