Purple Zipper Pouch

Purple Zipper Pouch

This was something I actually made a couple of months ago. A friend needed a simple pouch to keep some medical equipment in and this is what I came up with.

Purple Zipper Pouch Open

I found a great tutorial on Dog Under My Desk for a lined pouch. The pouched needed to be more wider than deeper so the centre zip position was perfect. The fabrics used all came from my stash. My intention was to use a purple zipper to match the fabrics. At the last minute I discovered the purple zipper I had in my stash wasn’t long enough. Instead of waiting until I could purchase a zipper which would’ve meant a delaying in making the pouch I decided to check through a bag of zippers I had purchased from an op shop (charity shop) a few years ago. The green zipper adds a contrast and I knew it would be a colour my friend would like.

Purple Zipper Pouch Oops

I did have a small mishap which I discovered after I had finished the entire thing. I didn’t catch all of the outside fabric when I was doing one of the seams. It wasn’t that hard to fix I just cut open the turning gap I had slip stitched closed, turned the pouch inside out again and re did the seam. I then closed it up like I did the first time. Lesson learnt always check your seams before closing up.

Even with the mishap this took no time to make. The tutorial is a good little pattern to have in your stash.



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