Sew Box Mini May Challenge

Leesa from Sew Boxes set Sew Box subscribers a little challenge this month “Use the brooch clip from this month’s box and something from a previous months box to create something” I decided challenge accepted (I love a challenge)

SB Mini May Challenge

I used the following supplies

So obviously I have used the brooch for the centre. The fabric was a scrap from another project I’m currently working on. I traced around the circular  brooch on the reverse of the fabric so I would know the boundary I had to work within. To secure it I did a running stitch and gathered it in like when you do a suffock puff, I pulled it together and stitched it in tight around the back of the brooch. I tried hand beading for the first time using the seed beads and gold thread. I didn’t have any lines to go by I just had a rough idea of the design I wanted. The lace I measured around the brooch then doubled the amount. Again I used a running stitch to gather it together, when I was happy with the shape of it I stitched it onto the blue fabric on the underside of the brooch.

This took me about an hour which is pretty quick. I love it. I now have a funky brooch to wear. What I also love about this brooch is how it demonstrates how you can use the items from the different sew boxes. Your not limited to use the items for one particular project or for one particular month. You can use them whatever way you want.



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