Out Of Control

I have always said on here I will show both the good and the bad side of my crafting. I have a confession all my craft supplies (fabrics, magazines, books, notions, tools, wools) have exploded. I have never been a neat freak and am used to having lots of stuff around me (stuff not mess) but my craft stuff has gotten to a point that it is out of control and I’m starting to lose things as I put items down and things get piled on top of it. I’m getting to the point where I don’t know where to put things so I just stick them wherever.

OC 1

In my study I have a series of bookshelves. I keep craft books, magazines, craft dvds, containers full of supplies to make jewellery / bags / hair clips. On these shelves above I have started just shoving anything I find that don’t know where to put elsewhere. I have run out of space for craft books and magazines.

OC 2

I have started piling my magazines and some books on chairs in my lounge room, the floor in this room and on the top of my 2nd horn sewing cabinet. I can still open the door to get my overlocker out but I can’t use the top of it.

OC 3

My spare room is probably my dumping room of the house. I have tubs of fabric against one wall. In my built-in wardrobe on one side I have tubs full of fabric, wool and the clear box is my finished gifts box but you can see I can’t easily get to it at the moment. I have a lot of random fabric in here. I recently had a rental inspection and lot of stuff got shoved into this wardrobe and that’s when I realised it is becoming a problem.

OC 4

On the other side of the built-in I have a bookshelf which has patterns, craft machines, threads, sewing supplies, rolls of crafting supplies, You can see my interfacing is shoved in one corner. To get anything out of this I often have to move a lot of stuff.

OC 5

I couldn’t actually tell you what is in this pile here. Clothing, fabric, wadding, wool, packets of mum’s old pj’s would be my guess. It is right opposite my indoor clothes airer so it becomes a really dumping ground. I cover it with white sheeting so not to expose it to a lot of light (only the morning sun) It is a mess.

It is time to take action and to take control. My plan of attack is to basically do a big stocktake of all my items.

I’m going to get rid of any books and magazines which I know I won’t use. I’m also not going to re-subscribe to magazines which I’m finding I’m not reading as much or getting use from. I’m limiting craft books. I have enough books on toys, knitting, crochet, mending, using my overlocker, making clothes.

I will sort all my items so that I have like things together. I only want one place to keep zippers, one place for trims, one place for sewing tools etc. I will get rid of any excess of items if I’m not going to use them.

For the fabric I’m going to measure each item and note down what I have via a private Pinterest board with a photo and size of each piece so when I get a pattern (particularly clothing) I can look through my board easily and see if I have any suitable fabric first. Any fabric that is too small to or I know I won’t use will be given away.

I will handle my wool stash by going through it and any that I can’t use or I know I won’t ever get too will go. This includes the lovely alpaca yarn which I know I’m never going to get around to using.

I will find better storage solutions for my items. My wool felt for example I would love to keep in drawers where I can access each pieces easily instead of squished into a zip lock bag which explodes each time you open it.

This isn’t going to be something I do in one day or one weekend. It is a long term project that needs to happen so long term I can fix the problem from continuing to occur. It has hard to say but my craft supplies have turned to clutter. Crafting is meant to be my relaxation thing but it is starting to stress me out. When I had to tidy up for my recent rental inspection it was the tipping point of wait you have a problem. It is possible to have lots of stuff providing you fully know what you have, it is organised so you can find things easily and that you’re using it.





6 thoughts on “Out Of Control

  1. I love organising my craft stash…it is quite therapeutic to sort through and categorise and place them in their designated areas. You may come to actually enjoy it and keep it up 🙂

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