Butterfly Wings

This pattern is one of those patterns that when I first saw it I thought yes I’m going to make it and I’m going to make it more than once. Butterfly Wings by Wife Made Emporium is pattern I purchased on Etsy after seeing a lot of people online make it. Construction wise it actually very easy to make. I did my applique a little different to the instructions by stitching my applique on before constructing the wings fully. If you purchase the pattern you will see what I mean. The reason I did this was I didn’t know how my applique would look on the reverse side and also I thought my thread colour would look awful on the back.

Butterfly Wings Red

I started with the red pair. For some reason I had a brain snap (or didn’t read the pattern properly) and thought the applique had a needle turned edge but done on the sewing machine. I folded my 1/4 inch to the underside after I applied the visofix and glued it down before machine zig zaging each piece. It looks a little chunky. You are actually meant to trim back that 1/4 inch after applying the visofix. Oops. I did it properly on the other wings and it looks better.

Butterfly Wings Pink

When making the red wings I stitched on the arm straps but didn’t like how the thread colour was showing through on the front side. I used red thread and because I stitched over part of the applique it looked ugly. I decided to use mono poly thread which is a clear polyester thread to attach the wings and also echo quilt around each shape. I’d never worked with mono poly thread before so I did a quick test piece then tried it on the wings. It was a little fine to work with but I love it. It helps you define the applique shapes but disappears into the back ground. You can see the straps have been attached but not glaringly noticeable. You can’t really see where I’ve sewn over the applique.

Butterfly Wings Purple

I decided to have a play with Liquid Lustres and paint some lines onto the applique. I think I need a bit more practice as you can clearly see I’m not an artist. When you actually hold the wings you can see the shimmer more as it has a sparkle. I used silver, bronze and gold colours. I have never painted on fabric before attending Anne’s workshop. These wings gave me a little way to experiment with using fabric paint.

I like these wings. The pattern has various sizes within it so you can make them for a child any age. These aren’t just limited to butterfly wings, you can change the wing shape and make dragon wings. The same basic construction concept remains you just adapt the fabric and embellishments to make them individual. All the fabric for these came from my stash, I did buy the elastic for the straps and the batting that is inside the wings but I still have leftovers of both.



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