May Sewing – Upcycled Child’s Cape

Old Sports Coat

This was the mens sports coat that I had planned to upcycled into the Big Little child’s cape this month. The coat is merino wool and I thought would be perfect for the outer layer of the cape. Sadly I’m not going to be able use it and make the cape. Once I printed the pattern out I couldn’t sit the pattern pieces easily within the fabric panels already within the coat. I could’ve completed pulled the coat apart and stitched it together to be one piece of cloth but I ran the risk of having seam lines where I joined the pieces of the jacket on the cape in places I didn’t want, besides I’m actually doubtful that I would’ve had enough fabric anyway as the jacket was on the smaller side. At some point I do wish to still make the cape, I have some wool knit in my stash that could be used for the outer layer of the cape (and it is pink) I’m going to hold onto the coat. It wasn’t suitable for this project but I’m sure I’ll be able to find something to make with it.



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