May To Sew List

I’m pretty happy with my April list. I got my bucket hat done and both softies (even though I haven’t posted it on here it was completed) I finished my entry for Castaway To Couture. This morning I finished off my fairy wings so that was all the main things completed. I never got to my pj shorts or peglegs but they aren’t as important now as I don’t need them so quickly anymore. I will get to them at some point. Having a list helped me to focus on the important things I need to do. At times if I don’t have clear focus I sit there and think what should I be doing.

To Sew May

My May list is

  • Puppy Dog Pete softie
  • Finish soccer ball
  • Child’s cape
  • Mug rug for swap
  • Tea Set softie
  • Colour bag fabric

The puppy dog is pretty straight forward. I’ve looked at the pattern pieces and they don’t look that complicated. It does have a gusset which I’m not usually good with but I’ll take my time with it. The soccer ball is about half done, it is all hand sewing in front of the tv. I wasn’t going to do any sewing craft swaps this year but this week I saw one for a mug rug swap where you only need to make a mug rug and nothing else so I joined up to it, it will be a nice quick hassle free swap. For the Tea Set I want to colour my own fabric using liquid radiance. I want to try a few techniques to get different patterns. I may not get the entire tea set made this month but I want to at least get my fabric done. The child’s cape I’m not sure if I can do. I haven’t looked at the pattern yet so I don’t know if I’ll have enough fabric for it. I want to use an old jacket but will only make it if I have enough fabric. If I don’t I’m culling it from my list. It is only an experiment and not needed for a gift or anything so can be culled if necessary. The last thing on my list isn’t sewing yet but I’m putting it on my list as it is preparation for a future project. I want to make myself a bag but again I want to colour the fabric using liquid radiance. This bag doesn’t need to be finished until Sep/Oct but if I can make it earlier even better.

Ok so a few things on my sewing list. I’m still working on my crochet items plus a knitted item which I haven’t even showed yet



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