Sunny CAL Week 7

SC - Square 9 Completed

In the last 2 weeks I’ve made some progress on my blanket. I finished square 9

SC - Square 10 Completed

Square 10

SC - Square 11 Completed

And square 11. I’ve made a start on square 12. I’m still in love with this pattern. I’m not so anxious now by my counting as I can pretty much tell if my stitches are off just by looking at my row. If I do get any stitches wrong it’s usually in the last 6 stitches where I have only done 5 or added an extra and done 7. My foundation row of each colour I count twice the other 2 rows of the colour block I’m only counting once.

Yarn Card Sunny Log Cabin

I’m still referring to my yarn card at times. By now I know pretty much all the colours but if I haven’t touched the blanket for a few days sometimes get my purples mixed up.

Squares 13 and 14. If you are up to these you can find Lucy’s post here

Square 13

SC - Square 13

Row 1 – Wisteria Row 9 – Petrol
Row 2 – Claret Row 10 – Shrimp
Row 3 – Violet Row 11 – Aster
Row 4 – Spice Row 12 – Lipstick
Row 5 – Turquoise Row 13 – Meadow
Row 6 – Plum Row 14 – Fondant
Row 7 – Sage Row 15 – Lime
Row 8 – Bright Pink Row 16 – Magenta

Square 14

SC - Square 14

Row 1 – Bright Pink Row 9 – Lipstick
Row 2 – Lime Row 10 – Meadow
Row 3 – Spice Row 11 – Plum
Row 4 – Violet Row 12 – Turquoise
Row 5 – Shrimp Row 13 – Magenta
Row 6 – Aster Row 14 – Sage
Row 7 – Fondant Row 15 – Claret
Row 8 – Wisteria Row 16 – Petrol

This week I’m aiming to get square 12 complete and make a start on square 13. The squares are really starting to pile up as I make them. Confession I haven’t looked at my ends yet. I’m thinking I’ve gotten this far I may as well complete the blanket and then spend a couple of weeks doing the ends in before I block the individual squares and join the rows. I can’t believe how fast this blanket is coming together.

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Happy Crocheting.



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