Sew Blue April Bucket Hat

Bucket Hat

Flosstyle patterns is having a charity fundraiser in April to support Go Blue For Autism and Beyond Blue. The challenge was to make something blue. Of course I was going to take part in a challenge list this.

Bucket Hat Failure

The Bucket Hat pattern by Flosstyle is a pattern I’ve had in my stash for ages. I actually attempted to make this hat last year. I say attempted as it baffled me. It wasn’t the pattern that was the issue it was me. At the time I was really tired and I couldn’t get construct the pattern in my head therefor not allowing me to construct the pattern in fabric. I cut out some of the pattern and pieces but was too confused by it all. It sat on my mental “To Sew” list ever since. In March Jess from Flosstyle made a YouTube clip demonstrating how to make it. As I’m a visual person watching the clip suddenly it all made sense in my head and I could see how it all fitted together. When the April challenge was announced I knew it was time to attempt the hat again. I ditched all the pieces I’d previously cut (which turned out to be the wrong size) and started again.

Bucket Hat Blue Velcro

I used the same fabric as I’d originally planned to use. It is the chambray fabric from the October Sew Box, it is a nice pale blue colour. To add another tone of blue I used a medium coloured blue thread to do all my stitching in. I really like the contrast. I even used blue Velcro cause you can never have too much blue!

Bucket Hat Back

This bucket hat pattern is great. Watching the clip you can see how simple it is too make. I made the adjustable brim version as I like to poke my hair through the hat. This version is a little more complicated than the basic version but still very quick to make. I took my time and did it over a few hours which included tea breaks. I took my time. Thought about each step before I did. I had my tablet on standby in case I needed to watch the YouTube clip again but I didn’t I had it clear in my mind so I didn’t need to refer back to it.

Bucket Hat Side Seam

Some areas I’m really happy with such as my side seams matching perfectly on this side (slightly off on the other side) I’m not worried the hat still fits and it is still functional. When I was doing the final bit of construction where all the layers are put together I was so worried about catching the adjustable brim in my seam that I actually missed a tiny part near the edge. No dramas I had stitched it closed.

Wonderclips On Velcro

Wonderclips were invaluable on this I used them on every step except for closing my turning gap at the end. With the multiple layers of fabric clipping them together was much easier than pins. I even used the larger ones to hold the Velcro pieces in place. When I accidentally knocked them off my table they were easier to pick up than pins. I’m so happy with my hat. The pattern includes sizes from baby to adult so you can make them for everyone. I will be doing these again.

The Flosstyle challenge isn’t just about sewing an item it is also about supporting Beyond Blue and Austim so I have made a small donation to each group.





2 thoughts on “Sew Blue April Bucket Hat

    • They are fantastic. I’ve had a store brought one for years and could even do a gym workouts in it as it stayed on my head but it was black and would absorb the heat (and has now fallen apart) I can’t wait to test out my new hat in the sunshine.

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