Sunny CAL Week 6

SC - Square 8 Completed

I finished square 8 this week. I’m really into a good routine with the squares now. I’m getting through the rows quicker I think as it is very repetitive. When I do a new strip of colour I’m counting my stitches twice once I finish the first row now not 3 times like I was. The other 2 rows of that colour block I’m only counting once cause if something isn’t right I can see it straight away. I’m also looking at my pattern less because I know opposite strips contain the same amount of stitches so when I start a coloured round I only look at the first top strip and can see for eg that for the next 6 rows (3 rows for that strip, 3 rows for the opposite bottom strip) I’m having to do 50 stitches in each row. When I start the first of the side strips I know I need to do 62 stitches for the next 6 rows. Little things like things are making the blanket go quickly.

SC - Half Way

Speaking of which the completion of square 8 meant I’m halfway through doing all the squares in the blanket!! They look so colourful together. I can see how you would easily get them mixed up so I understand how important it is to label them (and keep the labelled) after you do each one. Also I’m finding that stitch marker you place on the first strip to be invaluable as it really does help you to keep the orientation of your square. I’m halfway through square 9 so even though I haven’t been spending the time on this blanket I have in previous weeks it’s still coming along nicely.

If you are up to squares 11 and 12 you can read Lucy’s post about them here

Square 11

SC - Square 11

Row 1 – Aster Row 9 – Lime
Row 2 – Spice Row 10 – Lipstick
Row 3 – Shrimp Row 11 – Fondant
Row 4 – Meadow Row 12 – Violet
Row 5 – Sage Row 13 – Turquoise
Row 6 – Claret Row 14 – Plum
Row 7 – Magenta Row 15 – Bright Pink
Row 8 – Petrol Row 16 – Wisteria

Square 12

SC - Square 12

Row 1 – Fondant Row 9 – Magenta
Row 2 – Lime Row 10 – Sage
Row 3 – Spice Row 11 – Plum
Row 4 – Turquoise Row 12 – Petrol
Row 5 – Claret Row 13 – Shrimp
Row 6 – Violet Row 14 – Wisteria
Row 7 – Bright Pink Row 15 – Lipstick
Row 8 – Meadow Row 16 – Aster

I’m going away next weekend so won’t do an update. For the next couple of weeks I’m hoping to just carry on one treble at a time and get as much done as I can. I should in theory be up to square 11 but I’ll see how I go. I’ve made really great progress on this thus far a couple of weeks of going slow isn’t going to do derail the entire blanket

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Happy Crocheting.



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