Australian Sewing Guild McCall’s Industry Day

Today the Australian Sewing Guild held an Industry Day this time at McCalls pattern factory.


An Industry Day is a day where members can come together to catch up with members from other groups, listen to talks by Guest Speakers who are working in the sewing and textile industry, find out about events being held by the Guild and of course shop 🙂 If you are part of the Guild and have never been to an Industry Day I do recommend you go to one if you get the chance as they are a great day. Our Guest Speaker at this event was Rita from Fabric Fair Armidale. She gave 2 talks the first was on how fabrics have changed in the last 30 years since she first went into the industry. The second talk she gave was about the importance of thinking about how a garment is constructed and doing the basics right and all the time. This is something I’m guilty of not doing but it did get me thinking about my sewing so it was thought provoking for me. We also had someone give a talk on Upcycling and Recycling clothing. This is an area which I want to get into more that is why I’m doing my entry into the Castaway to Couture competition to push myself.

McCalls Shopping

I mentioned shopping and yes I did do some.  We were lucky to purchase patterns, books, interfacing and thread from McCalls, Kwik-Sew, Green Pepper, Vogue and Butterick at a discounted price. I purchased a few spools of thread, some patterns a few rolls of interfacing (not pictured as they are sitting in my garage) and some classic books on adult clothing making as that is an area I really want to start getting into. I can throw together a toy but get me to make something like standard clothing and I don’t know where to start.

Tape Measure

I also got given a retractable tape measure. These always come in handy and you can never have to many.  I had a really fun day. I enjoy catching up with other members who are not in my local sewing group. The next NSW Industry Day is in September at Simplicity Patterns again and I’ve already marked it in my diary. Now to go sit down with my new books…



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