Star Wars Coasters

My friend really likes Star Wars (Confession I’ve never seen any of them) I wanted to make her an original Star Wars inspired gift that was also practical so I have come up with these coasters.

Yoda Coasters

I don’t know who the characters are of who her favourite is but I have heard her mention Yoda (even I have heard of him) so I traced a Yoda on one side of the coaster. I copied a free colouring in image from online. I wanted only a simple out outline.

For the other side I did wanted a saying. So from what I gather Yoda has a distinctive way of talking where his words in a sentence are back to front in parts. My friend and I are known at times to have text messages sessions where the messages are in “Yoda” style. I wanted something like this on the coasters so I came up with this saying. As I mentioned I don’t have a clue about Star Wars so I’m not sure how correct I was.

These are very basic to make. I just cut 12 squares. On 6 I traced the Yoda image the other 6 I did the words. The embroidery is all done in back stitch. To construct them I placed 2 squares right sides together with a layer of batting on the wrong side of one and stitched around them leaving a turning gap. Once they were turned out I slipped stitched the gap closed then did a simple row of straight stitch to quilt around the edge. All the supplies came from my stash.

I learnt some very valuable with these – To take a photo straight away after I finish an item. I’d actually forgotten too at the time and only remembered that I was meaning too after I had wrapped the present. I had to “borrow” them back to take the photo. From the screaming that came from my friend I think she likes them.



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