Hanging Tool Holster

Holster 1

I was wanting something to hang off my sewing table to put my snippers and tweezers in. I tend to loose them under my project when sewing. I didn’t want something permanent and I didn’t want something I would knock with my knee or get caught up in. I thought about making a little under machine mat or some sort of hanging bag. When I was at the Rosehill Craft show I came across a little stand that had these craft caddy called Holsters. They are made of out silicone and stick to any smooth flat surface. You don’t glue them down or anything, when your finished you just peel them off and no residue is left behind. I’m guessing they statically stick to the smooth surface (I don’t know much about science) You can use them around the home or craft room. They are heat proof so you can put hot things in them like hair straighteners or hot glue guns. The glue doesn’t stick to the silicone.

Holster 2

After uming and arghing, walking away and having a think I decided to purchase one. It is perfect. It is nice and narrow. I can put it near the edge of my sewing table. It is the perfect depth for my tweezers and snips (I just have to remember to put them in there now and not leave them about as I sew) It doesn’t hang low so it doesn’t get in the way of my knee. When I finish sewing I can remove it and pack it away. It doesn’t take up space on the table, I can place my pin cushion over the area it sticks to the table. I’m so glad I got this now. It solves my problem of where to put my craft notions perfectly





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