Sunny CAL Week 4

Ok wow so I got a lot done this week. I finished square 3 but just realised now I didn’t take a photo of it on its own.

SC - Square 4 Completed

I made square 4, Didn’t have any issues just followed my chart along. If you ever do make this blanket I really suggest printing out the colour charts and writing the colours up underneath. They are so easy to follow. At a quick glance you can see what colour comes next. I toyed with the idea before I started the blanket of writing the colours on the actual chart but that would be too difficult to read but underneath is perfect.

SC - First 4 Completed

I realised after square 4 I was a quarter the way through the squares and therefore I’m actually making a blanket!!

SC - Square 5 Completed

I started on square 5 but it just didn’t look right. A closer inspection of my centre granny square I noticed another misshapen square. This time I missed some of the trebles in the gold round so I had to frog it back and put it in the incomplete granny pile. I grabbed a new granny square and carried on completing square 5 yesterday. I started on square 6 and did the first round in no time. I like the first round of colours, it is the quickest to do with few stitches and less counting. By the time I’m getting to my outer colours it is taking me two or three attempts just to count one row of 62 stitches.

If you are up to squares 7 and 8 you can find Lucy’s post here.

Square 7
SC - Square 7

Row 1 – Fondant Row 9 – Claret
Row 2 – Meadow Row 10 – Violet
Row 3 – Spice Row 11 – Magenta
Row 4 – Sage Row 12 – Petrol
Row 5 – Shrimp Row 13 – Bright Pink
Row 6 – Wisteria Row 14 – Aster
Row 7 – Lipstick Row 15 – Plum
Row 8 – Lime Row 16 – Turquoise

Square 8
SC - Square 8

Row 1 – Petrol Row 9 – Aster
Row 2 – Shrimp Row 10 – Bright Pink
Row 3 – Turquoise Row 11 – Sage
Row 4 – Spice Row 12 – Fondant
Row 5 – Wisteria Row 13 – Violet
Row 6 – Plum Row 14 – Claret
Row 7 – Lime Row 15 – Meadow
Row 8 – Magenta Row 16 – Lipstick

This week I may have to lay off my square making and concentrate on getting the rest of my granny squares done other wise I’m soon going to run out of centres and will need to start from scratch each time. The granny squares were really easy to do in batches and that way the pattern for them remains fresh in my mind. I’ll see how many centres I can get done. They require concentration and no tv watching.

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Happy Crocheting.


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