Pamuke Progress

Pamuke Loose Ends

Even though I’m focusing heavily on my Sunny Log Cabin blanket I’m still getting a bit done here and there on my Pamuke blanket. If I’m having an off day or am feeling too tired to concentrate Pamuke has been perfect to work on as I only have to count to 3 (3 trebles per chain space). I’ve decided to go ahead and use up my leftover balls of yarn. I’m just tying them in. I have just knotted the yarns together to join them. I thought perhaps it was better to do them now instead of having them all in one section of the blanket near the top. If I was to do this again I would use them up completely as I went along. The blanket is getting very long now measuring around 44″ in length. I’ve still got another 2 full balls of each colour to go after I use up the leftovers. One ball of each colour will go into the blanket the other will go in the border. I was going to have 2 in the border but I think that might be a bit much. I’ve also decided on the edging I’ll do. I’m going to try crab stitch for the first time after seeing youtube clips this week on how to do it. I like straight edging and crab stitch looks perfect as it will give a straight edge but also add a bit of different texture. Plus I will learn a new crochet stitch.


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