Lady Lizard

Lady Lizard

I found the pattern for this toy in The Big Book of Softies, it is Lizard by Abby Glassenberg.  Instead of doing her in a green colour like the book I turned her into a Lady Lizard and did her in pink tones. She was fairly easy to make. I stitched the top gusset by hand instead of struggling to do it on the machine (I still can’t insert gussets nicely by machine) After I finished her as per the book she sat on my craft table for a couple of weeks as she was missing something, she needed a tongue. If I made her again I would attach a tongue in the front seam like a I did on the green snake. As she was already finished and I didn’t want to rip open any seams I hand stitched the tongue on with a button hole stitch at the base and sides of the tongue. To make it stand out more I backstitched a couple of times up the centre of the tongue base as it lays flat on the toy.

All the fabric and felt for this toy I found in my stash. I don’t normally use multi tone fabrics but in this toy they worked well. A lizard is scaly and has different colours on its body. The fabric tones add like a textured look to the toy and break it up from being a plain toy.



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