Keeping Track Of Sizzix Dies

Fabi Die

At the craft show I purchased a Sizzix cutting die which I discovered when I got home I actually had already. At the time I was hesitant to get this size one as I was only planning on getting the tiny size hexagons which I knew I didn’t have but at the last minute I purchased it. I didn’t have any success over the remainder of the weekend selling it online so on the Monday morning I gave Annie’s Designs a call to see if I could swap it for one I didn’t have. Tracy was so lovely and was happy to swap it over for me. I didn’t even have to go to the shop I posted it back to them and they sent me a replacement I’d chosen.


The replacement I chose was actually one was I was going to get at the Rosehill show after seeing it 2 weeks earlier at Annie’s stall at Stitch Castle Hill. After the Castle Hill show as Tracy suggested I went online and downloaded the latest Sizzix Catalogue. What I didn’t do was go through and mark the dies that I had. To keep track of what I have I’m going to do this now. In the Sizzix collection now there are so many dies and so many sizes of particular shapes like hexagons and hearts that I’m not going to be able to remember what I have easily. Particularly if I’m at a craft show I can get overwhelmed with all the products around me I forget what I have.

Lesson learnt a list of products is vital to avoid duplicating of purchases. Next time I may not be so lucky to swap an item.






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