Sew Box March 16

The March Sew Box was revealed this week as Easter is in March this year naturally this month’s theme is Egg Hunt

SB Mar 16

This month the box contains

  • Doll Needle Starter Set
  • Bunny Bunny cotton fabric (75cm x 160cm)
  • Easter Floral cotton fabric (75cm x 160cm)
  • White Furry Minky fabric (55cm x 60cm)
  • 2 yards of purple flower cross grain ribbon
  • Vilene iron on wadding
  • Golden Felt sheet
  • Mini Lint Remover
  • Black Embroidery thread
  • Magnetic Pin Collector
  • Baby Bunny pattern by Funky Friends Factory
  • Easter Placemat and Applique pattern by Molly and Mamma
  • Hunny Bunny Basket pattern by Arjay Creations
  • Bonus pattern Bunny Knot Headband tutorial by Sew Boxes

Personally I don’t do Easter sewing just as I don’t normally do Christmas themed sewing. Leesa who owns Sew Boxes and puts together the themes has done such a wonderful job creating a sophisticated Easter theme with the items and patterns she has combined that this box is more than just Easter Eggs and carrots. The fabrics are gorgeous and can be used in any project for children or adults anytime of the year. The ribbon is beautiful and can easily be used on any project. I love the little notions in this box. The pin collector is perfect for any misplaced and dropped pins. Anyone who sews or does needlework knows how thread ends get on everything so the mini lint remover is great, folds away you could pop it in your handbag. Vilene always gets used so will be added to my stash for when I need it. If you do Easter sewing the patterns are perfect, however if you don’t do Easter sewing you can still use the patterns. You can make a rabbit soft toy any time of the year as a gift. The placemats are gorgeous, change the colours or omit the bunny applique and you could make them for any time of the year. Even the Bunny baskets could be made throughout the year. Any little girl would use them as a purse. I can think of a few adults who would even use them. You don’t need to embellish them the same way as in the pattern (even though they look adorable with the suggested embellishments) adapt things around so they can be used how you need them to be. What I love most about the sew boxes if you want to follow the theme of the box you can. If you don’t want to because the theme isn’t you, you can still use all the items in the box in so many other ways and on so many other projects.

So once again I’m super happy with my sew box. Leesa has revealed a little sneaky secret about the April box. Everyone who receives the April box will also get copy of One Thimble magazine. If you’ve ever wanted to try Sew Box now is the time to try it but sign ups for the April box close this weekend. If you currently subscribe to One Thimble Leesa and Jen have organised something special for you so you won’t miss out.


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