Green Snake

I stumbled across this free Spiral Toy pattern from Flosstyle and knew instantly I wanted to make it. This toy is a great baby gift. It is designed to be able to wrap around most pram bars and cot rails. This one will be given as a baby shower gift.


When I saw this toy my first thought was that’s crying out to be a snake. I followed the pattern, cutting out all the spirals, joining and pinning them as per instructions. Once I pinned the 2 sides together  with a marking pen I shaped the 2 ends narrower to be a head and a tail and used the pen line as my stitching line when I got to these parts. Also I added more stuffing gaps then the pattern to make it easier to stuff at the end. To avoid injury I used a chop stick this time to stuff it (chop stick now lives in my bag of stuffing) For the tongue I cut out a tongue shape in felt and inserted into the seam line just as I did with the ribbon tags. The eyes I appliqued on once the snake was stuffed. The iris’s aren’t the most perfect I’ve done but still look pretty good.

This is a real sew my stash project as all the fabric came from my stash and were actually leftovers from previous projects. The wool felt used on the eyes and tongue came from my stash as well. This took no time to make and really could be made for any child not just a baby



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