Rose Hill Stitches and Craft Show 2016

Knitters Guild Stand

The first weekend is March is always Rose Hill Stitches and Craft Show weekend. At the 2015 show I discovered the Knitters Guild NSW and this year I volunteered at their stand at the show. It was so much fun talking to people about knitting and crochet. I sat working on a scarf and had a lovely morning.

RCS 16

I didn’t do any classes this year. I was just a bit tired so after I finished my volunteering I had a look around the show and went shopping. You always have to go shopping at these things. I had a small shopping list in mind and got the items on it. I was wanting the small sizzix hexagon cutting die and some fabric (which is a secret hidden in the brown paper bag) I did come home with a couple of additional items. I found an A4 size cutting matt which is perfect for when I do crafting on my lap in front of the tv. I got some green ribbon for a project I’m working on. I found some tiny snips which I will keep in my wallet. I came a cross a 6″ snap together embroidery hoop, apparently it doesn’t leave marks on the fabric. Probably the most interesting thing I found was a silicone holder called a holster. It sticks to the edge of any flat surface and hangs over the side. I was looking for something small to hang off the side of my horn sewing table so I don’t misplace my scissors or tweezers. I can place it on the side and when I’m done remove it without leaving a mark. I did buy one item which in hindsight I should’ve listened to gut instinct and not gotten. I purchased a hexagon die that wasn’t on my shopping list. When I got home I discovered I already had the size. I’m going to try selling it online if I can’t I will contact the seller this week and try and work out something. Oh well lesson learnt listen to your craft instincts.



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