Sunny Cal Week 1

SC - Completed GS

Ok so I have come to Sunday and have a total of 8 of the Sunny Granny Squares done. It is actually more than I was expecting to get completed. I have to admit to having some hiccups with them.

SC - First Centre

Day 1 – My first completed square I was very proud of. I read the pattern taking it slow and following all instructions. There was much excitement when I measured it and it was 10cm across just like Lucy’s one in the tutorial. It wasn’t as scary wasn’t as scary as I thought with all those counting (I don’t normally do things that requires counting) After completing it I decided for the rest I would do them batches by colour rows. I got my citron yarn and started crocheting away. I learnt a valuable lesson don’t crochet when you are tired. My first 8 centres were really well then tiredness set in and I made one centre with 5 double trebles in it and one with 7 double trebles in it instead of the 6. That was the end of day 1 for me.

SC - Incorrect Centres

Day 2 – I started on the spice round. I finished a few and thought of them just don’t look right. They weren’t round but a bit skewiff. Turns out I was missing some of the treble clusters in each space. On some I missed only treble cluster others I missed up to 3. I frogged them all back (ripped them back) and did them again counting 2 treble clusters per space. The yarn I won’t waste. I could may join it all together and use it on a scrap blanket or I could use it in a dolls wig, anyhow it will get used. In her tutorial Lucy points out to keep an eye on your tension as you may not have enough yarn for the project if your square size is out. The frogging I had to do won’t impact my yarn for the rest of the blanket that much. I have checked my stash and I still have some of the spice colour left over from when I made the Cosy Stripe Blanket last year.

SC - Correct Centres

So for the rest of the squares I didn’t really have an issue. I think of one or two of them I have done an extra double treble then I needed too but I don’t think that will impact on the over scheme of things. I did remember to stop when I was tired and on the Friday evening when I really tired from a long week. I even stopped working on this but wanted mindless crochet so I worked on my Pamuke Blanket as it required less counting and concentration.

Ok now to start the first squares. Click to find Lucy’s Sunny Log Cabin pattern if you haven’t already printed it off. As mentioned previously I’m a visual person so I need to see things quickly and easily. I copied the basic diagram Lucy had and made it print a little darker. The diagram she has copied is as a photo when I right clicked on it and said save picture. In a word document I played with the photo image settings and got it to print like a photocopier which is darker and easier for me to see when I’m not wearing my glasses. If you wish to read Lucy’s post about Squares 1 and 2 you can find it here.

Square 1

SC - Square 1

Row 1 – Spice Row 9 – Magenta
Row 2 – Aster Row 10 – Meadow
Row 3 – Claret Row 11 – Bright Pink
Row 4 – Wisteria Row 12 – Turquoise
Row 5 – Plum Row 13 – Fondant
Row 6 – Violet Row 14 – Lime
Row 7 – Shrimp Row 15 – Lipstick
Row 8 – Petrol Row 16 – Sage

Square 2

SC - Square 2

Row 1 – Shrimp Row 9 – Bright Pink
Row 2 – Meadow Row 10 – Aster
Row 3 – Lime Row 11 – Wisteria
Row 4 – Spice Row 12 – Lipstick
Row 5 – Magenta Row 13 – Claret
Row 6 – Sage Row 14 – Petrol
Row 7 – Turquoise Row 15 – Violet
Row 8 – Fondant Row 16 – Plum


This week I’m going to aim to get the first square completed. If I can I will continue working on the remaining centres I need to do. If I’m super efficient I may even get to square 2.

Have you started this blanket? How did you go this week?

Useful Links
Sunny Granny Square
Sunny Log Cabin Pattern
Yarn Card Instructions
Sunny CAL Begins


Happy Crocheting.


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